Tier EV Services

Tier EV Vehicle Charging Solutions provides complete, turn-key electric vehicle charging systems from single-family home chargers to complex 50+ station, networked charging systems found in condominium and multifamily project developments.  Tier EV also installs infrastructure and high voltage charging systems found on highways and destination locations through our partner companies as an installation provider. 

Whether you are looking for a destination feature or simply need to charge your EV at home, Tier EV has a solution for you.  We offer options to install a charging system that pays you when customers charge their vehicles or we’ll design a system that allows your location to benefit from charging while users charging revenue pays for the system.  

Multifamily locations may benefit from custom charging installations that operate by remote control and capture and track all charging data including charging cost and energy use.  Charging cost and/or charging revenue may be divided among all or some of those who benefit from the charging installation.  Options for managing the cost of the installation and energy use are endless!

As an early adapter in the EV Marketplace, Tier EV also provides free consultation and education events to assist groups, developments, or organizations with the planning and design for any charging solution.  Our focus is to educate, design, and implement the best and most economical EV solution for every customer.

As a full service, licensed electrical company operating throughout the State of Florida, Tier Electric and Tier EV can perform any electrical service.  Our commercial division has provided services for some of the most distinguished buildings and developments on the West Coast of Florida.

Customer Reviews

What people say

Tier Electric designed a solution to our EV Charger need with a design and plan that saved our association a significant amount of money. With Tier’s plan, our association will be able to satisfy both our EV users’ need and stay within our capital budget!
Condo Association Board Member
Tier Electric was able to complete the installation of our new EV charger before our new vehicle arrived.
New Electric Vehicle owner
When we called Tier Electric we didn’t know we had a dangerous situation left over from the previous owner of our home. Tier was able to correct the prior problem and install our new EV charger. Their technician was both professional and courteous. We highly recommend Tier Electric.
New customer referred to Tier Electric for an EV charger