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Over 95% of electric car charging is performed at home, thus our mission is to make the entire process of purchasing, installing and servicing your new home charging station as seamless and effortless as possible.

There are over 80 different Level 2 home charging stations designed by more than 15 different manufacturers built to fit more than 30 different types of electric car models.

We can can install any brand of charger you may already have or contact us to find the best fit for you.

Chargers are classified into 3 levels, referred to as Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.  

Level 1 chargers operate off a standard plug electrical outlet and operate at 120 nominal volts.  They are more often useful in smaller hybrid electric vehicles and where charging speed is not a factor.  Charging with a standard 15-20 amp circuit will provide roughly 3-5 miles of charge per charging hour.  In other words, to achieve a 300-mile charge, the vehicle will have to be plugged into a Level 1 charger for 60-100 hours!  On the other hand, if an electric vehicle user only drives 30 miles in a day and then plugs in, they will be charged up overnight after about 10 hours of charging.  Level 1 charging is typically a last resort for EV owners.

Level 2 charging uses 30 amps or more on a 240 nominal voltage circuit.  Charging speeds of 15-30 miles per charge hour are typical.  So, if charging overnight, an EV user can expect to achieve 150-300 miles of charge in a 10-hour charge.  As most EV vehicles are operating with ranges below 400 miles, a Level 2 charger is more than adequate for home charging.  


Level 2 chargers are the main product for home charging systems.  They require a circuit breaker similar in size to the breaker used for a hot water heater, dryer, range or AC system.  Installation of a Level 2 charger may be easy if there is existing capacity for the power requirements in the existing power service panel, however, physical space for a new breaker is not always available.  On the other hand, many buildings are already using their maximum electrical capacity and the addition of one breaker or multiple 30-50 amp breakers will require new electrical service to be brought into the building.

Level 3 charging or “supercharging” is typically 480 volt, 3 phase electrical service that is delivered to a vehicle using a direct current (DC) charger that bypasses the vehicle’s charging inverter and powers directly into the battery.  Level 3 charging is reserved for destination or infrastructure locations such as Tesla’s Supercharger network or one of the other available vehicle networks such as Electrify America, ChargePoint, NovaCharge, EVGO, and others.  It would be rare and uneconomical to install a Level 3 charging system as a single user.

Types Of Connectors

There are only two connectors currently in play in the electrical vehicle market for Level 1 and Level 2 charging.  Beginning in 2001 and reaching final recognition as the official “Type1” charger connector by North American auto manufacturers and Electrical Standards organizations in the years between 2006 and 2009, every North American EV manufacturer currently uses the SAE J1772 plug except Tesla.  While Tesla has its own proprietary connector, every Tesla owner is provided an adapter to the SAE J1772 with their vehicle purchase.  This means every electric vehicle sold in North America will be able to charge at every Level 2 charging installation.

Charging connector options for Level 3 charging get a bit more complex.  There are currently 3 standard charger connectors including the Tesla.  So, electric vehicles looking for a charging network will need to find a Level 3 station with one or both of the Level 3 standard connectors and Tesla customers will go to the nearest Supercharging station.  Level 3 charger connector standards are known as:  CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (also called CCS)  Most Level 3 charging stations provide both connector options as a standard offer.

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Tier Electric designed a solution to our EV Charger need with a design and plan that saved our association a significant amount of money. With Tier’s plan, our association will be able to satisfy both our EV users’ need and stay within our capital budget!
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Tier Electric was able to complete the installation of our new EV charger before our new vehicle arrived.
New Electric Vehicle owner
When we called Tier Electric we didn’t know we had a dangerous situation left over from the previous owner of our home. Tier was able to correct the prior problem and install our new EV charger. Their technician was both professional and courteous. We highly recommend Tier Electric.
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